Maskinliste Machine List

At GMF we know our market and choose our machines specifically for reliability and accuracy.  We have heavily invested in our machining and manufacturing capability.  GMF produce parts daily with tight tolerances and the type of machinery bought reflects this.  We are an ISO9001:2015 approved machining service accredited by DNV.

GMF handle nearly all material types but most commonly steel, aluminium, titanium and bronze alloys.

Some of our key machines include the following:

Okuma LR25 lathe, 4 axis (30kW spindle, 3500rpm spindle, ø450 x 1000mm)

Okuma LS30-N lathe, (2500rpm, 12kW, ø450 x 1200mm, can be used to (ø580 x 300mm))

Okuma MF-46VA, (15000rpm, 11kW, 560 x 460 x 450mm)

Kitamura JIGcentre-7 portal milling machine (6000rpm, 7.5kW, 800 x 2500mm)

Feeler FMH500 4 axis mill, 2 x 500mm pallets, (8000rpm, 11kW, 720 x 650 x 600mm)

Mazak Multiplex 620 lathe, twin spindle, 12 station live tooling, (3600rpm, 18kW, ø260 x 1180mm)

Okuma MC800-H 4 axis mill, twin 800mm pallets, (1250 x 1000 x 800mm)

Okuma MX55VB 4 axis mill, (1050 x 560 x 500mm)

AGIE AGIECUT 100D EDM machine (800x580x240mm, wire size from 0.1-0.3mm)

We have 4 x 5t gantry cranes and 4 x 3.2t gantry cranes as well as other component handling equipment and additionally the usual range of saws and material storage.

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