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4th January 2019

GMF launch new website.  A fresh look for a growing company!

2nd October 2018

GMF begin work supporting mechanical design at Canrig Robotics.  GMF are already a key manufacturing supplier and this is a great opportunity to further support a valued customer.

20th August 2018

GMF appoint Lewis Tattersall as Lead Design Engineer. This expands GMF’s service offering and opens up an exciting future of opportunities for the company.

1st June 2016

GMF achieve a transition to ISO9001:2015.  This is a reflection of our commitment to providing a quality product and service.

20th August 2017

GMF partner to support Tyrfing Innovation with manufacturing and assembly of their tools.

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7th January 2019

The GMF UK design office, based at the Tremough Innovation Centre, is now up and running.  

7th January 2019

Matthew Mayes, our new Mechanical Design Engineer starts today - a very warm welcome onboard!

26th June 2019

Wire EDM is an essential part of our manufacturing process and investing in a new Sodick ALC600G to refresh our toolset further strengthens our capability.

26th June 2019

GMF continue to invest with a 4th new machine.  The Doosan DVF 5000 is a versatile addition to our machine range.

26th June 2019

GMF are committed to quality and continuous improvement and today we received confirmation that we successfully renewed our ISO9001:2015 certificate with DNV.  

10th April 2019

GMF invest further still with a new large capacity Doosan Puma 3100 ULY lathe.  

8th March 2019

GMF continue to invest with the arrival of a new large capacity Doosan DMN6700 machining centre

20th October 2018

A successful annual audit with DNV for our ISO9001 process.

10th May 2019

GMF invest in a 3rd new machine.  This time a Doosan VCF850 LSR - an extremely versatile and capable 5 axis milling machine.